Dashavatara Evolution 

Dashavatara is a concept within Hinduism describing the ten principle avatars of Vishnu, the god of preservation. Vishnu takes on these forms in order to restore dharma, an influential force pertaining to both cosmic and individual existence. Because of the progression of anatomical forms within these avatars, the Dashavatara has been thought to mirror Darwin's theory of evolution. Succinctly, evolution is descent with modification, where new organisms arise from previously existing organisms.

 My body of work is a juxtaposition of these two concepts, with each avatar being depicted as a major transitional organism in the evolutionary lineage of man. All pieces are executed in style marrying conventions found in Paleo-art with those found in Hindu devotional art. I utilize acrylic paint to emulate characteristics of traditional Indian oil paintings. Within these depictions, iconographies and mythologies attributed to each avatar are retained. Through this series, I manifest a relationship between ideologies of Hinduism with the facts of scientific thought.